Hello. We’re glad you’re here and curious about the Coeur d’Alene area in north Idaho. We know you’ll find the region not only beyond beautiful, but you’ll also find that we’re a terrific location for your business. Our organization is here to help you from site selection to coordination for building permits to helping with the PR for the grand opening. Our aim is to help you and the company you represent get “to market” as quickly as possible. Together, we partner and collaborate to help you succeed and build a prosperous future. We welcome you to be an integral part of our community.

Our Mission

Our mission is to build a healthy economy for the region by strengthening the base, diversifying the economy, supporting the creation of new jobs, and advancing workforce development in cooperation with local, regional, and state economic partners, and existing businesses and industries to facilitate business retention, expansion and attraction.

CdAEDC or Coeur d’Alene Area Economic Development Corporation is a non-profit economic development corporation formed in 1987 with a mission “to expand and diversify the economic and employment base of Kootenai County, while maintaining the quality of life that has become synonymous with Kootenai County.”  Coeur d’Alene Area Economic Development Corporation has a strategy to recruit companies to our area that sell on a national basis, are not location dependent, offer strong wages and benefits to their employees, and are respectful of our environmental concerns.

Some of Our Achievements

– Since 1987 –


More than

Over $722.5 
Total Capital Investment
in County


Business Advantages & Resources

State and local governments, educational institutions and a robust manufacturing sector are all a part of building and promoting the economic environment in the Inland northwest. Businesses will find state and local industry incentives, along with ready commercial and industrial real estate and affordable renewable utilities.

The combined Cd’A and Spokane, inland northwest region, has a diverse economy, with strengths in the following industries: Manufacturing -especially Aerospace/Aviation; Construction; Professional, Scientific and Technical Services; Finance and Insurance, Wholesale Trade, and Transportation & Warehousing.

North Idaho’s quality of life is exceptional! Thanks to the region’s low population density, residents enjoy safe & quiet neighborhoods, very mild traffic and clean air. The cost of living –housing, groceries, transportation, utilities, taxes—are all below national averages and significantly less than in larger cities, with various volunteer opportunities through United Way, Rotary Clubs, Boys & Girls Club, and others.
Coeur D’ Alene, a Rare Gem, tucked away in the beautiful area of the Northwest. Coeur D’ Alene, long “undiscovered” for our beautiful lakes, rivers and streams which provide excellent recreational opportunities such as boating, skiing, lake and fly fishing. Several first-class ski resorts are within 45-90 minutes away.
Be aware! If you come, you will fall in love with Coeur d’ Alene. Many visitors have found they couldn’t resist purchasing a year-round, or second home near the bustling yet quaint downtown area, a cabin on the water, or a luxurious condominium. Many say Coeur D’ Alene reminds them of the Swiss Alps, or Lake Tahoe 40-50 years ago.
Coeur d’ Alene is truly is the best of both worlds which is why locals are so fiercely protective of our Lifestyle. Welcome to a slice of heaven, your opportunity to “Live the Lifestyle” Coeur D’ Alene, or CDA as the locals call it, takes its name from the earliest residents when French fur trappers met the Schitsu’umsh people who said the locals were “sharp-hearted” when trading, and gave them the nickname “heart of an awl”.
It’s a city and region of vast natural beauty that manifests itself differently in each of our four distinct seasons.CDA is becoming increasingly popular as a tourist destination and for vacation property as more and more people discover the year-round beauty and diverse recreational opportunities here.North Idaho offers a unique combination of metropolitan and small town living. A quality-of-life that provides everything you want; a broad selection of recreational options, four distinct seasons, scenic outdoor spaces and an array of cultural and artistic entertainment.

For the outdoor enthusiast, the Inland Northwest region has over 76 lakes and rivers and 6 state and 4 national parks that are easily navigated by an abundance of hiking and biking trails. Golfers have over 35 public and private Courses to choose from and skiers can hit the slopes of 7 ski resorts with a variety of terrain. Visit visitidaho.org for more!

Words Of The People

“Just the reduction in property tax… love your rates in Kootenai county! From companies recruited by CdAEDC, it more than justifies our annual contribution to CdAEDC. The thousands of quality jobs created in the county is icing on the cake.”

Tom Stoeser – President and CEO, Jacklin Land Company

“An Investment in CdAEDC  will multiply many times over through the jobs created by the retention and the recruitment of companies in and to our area. I can’t think of a better use for our dollars. Empire Airlines being located in North Idaho is a direct result of the efforts of CdAEDC. Investor dollars at work!”

Tim Komberec – President & CEO, Empire Airlines










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