Continuous Composites Completes Manufacturing Facility

Idaho Business Review By: Sharon Fisher December 9, 2020

COEUR D’ALENE – Continuous Composites has completed the renovation of a historic warehouse downtown here for its new manufacturing facility, which is intended to help it expand its manufacturing capabilities.

The 7,500 square-foot facility — renovation of which began in 2019 — is intended for research, development, and additive manufacturing, increasing the company’s previous build volume by 25 times.

With the completed renovation, the company now owns and works in three historic buildings in a row on the street.

The most recent building was formerly the Rocker Room, a bar, said Allie Hambling, marketing manager, in an email message. “Now it is constructed to look like a warehouse for the Train Depot and on the inside it is cutting-edge technology. The new facility is an extension of our campus – The Train Depot, Continuous Composites Headquarters, and our Demonstration Facility.”

Hambling would not reveal the cost of the renovation, but said that the company planned a close-up look at the building and its renovation at some point in the future.

The company has also continued to create partnerships with other companies, starting with Arkema and Spatial Corp. in 2019, and its CF3D manufacturing technology. Continuous Composites took part in a virtual demonstration with these and other partners last month. These partner demonstrations included:

  • Siemens, with its Sinumerik 840D CNC system and Run MyRobot/Direct Control platform to achieve multi-axis robotic control for automated manufacturing with CF3D

  • Arkema through its Sartomer Business ph