The People Factor

The People Factor student-mechnical

Two things rank high on the people scale for most business owners: a ready, trained workforce and a quality of life that will encourage employees to stay. North Idaho is home to two university branches, a community college, customized and on-the-job professional training groups, a professional-technical campus, and in 2013, a new professional-technical high school. Health care access is complete in the Coeur d’Alene area with a full-service hospital, specialty hospitals, and a full range of healthcare to service the growing community.Last but hardly least is the quality of life outside of work. North Idaho is a nature-lover’s paradise; national and state parks abound. Trails are within city limits for walking, biking, ATV rides, cross-country skiing, and horses. Three ski resorts are within an hour’s drive, and a five-star lake resort with the world’s longest floating boardwalk and floating green for golfers is centered in Coeur d’Alene. Many restaurants, wineries, shops, a local airport, and border proximity to tourist destinations in Canada, Montana, Oregon, and Washington make the area a tourist hot-spot and a recreational haven for happy locals.The nonprofit Jobs Plus can help with business relocation services and facilitating introductions, answering questions frankly, and helping decision-makers get to know the “feel” of north Idaho, from both business and community standpoints. Ask a business who has relocated here; you won’t hear regrets.Jobs Plus is happy to provide whatever information and referrals may be needed, always with professional courtesy.


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