Regulation and Taxes


Regulation and Taxes

Images from the 51st “Capital for a Day” with Idaho governor C.L. “Butch” Otter on Friday, Jan. 27, 2012 in Murphy.

North Idaho ranks well on regulation and taxes, and is home to an increasing number of successful manufacturers. One fast-growing company, Ground Force Manufacturing, is featured on this Web site. Its owner Ron Nilson relocated to Post Falls, Idaho from Washington and took his company from low sales to skyrocketing worldwide success.


Another manufacturing business relocation to Coeur d’Alene from Nevada, Alligator Diesel Performance, was recently named by Inc. Magazine as one of America’s top 300 businesses.


Their revenue increased more than 1,200 percent in just three years, with less than two dozen employees generating revenue over $5 million from a small warehouse. Success like theirs is no accident; both companies report finding operating in North Idaho a smooth experience. Is “service” a priority in this location? Are regulators, local and state government officials, and others easy to deal with and if necessary, flexible?


Idaho has been called “flexible and responsive” in contrast to other states in the region. High ranking officials operate on a first-name basis. The governor went to law school, but wears blue jeans and introduces himself with, “Hi, I’m Butch.” This is Idaho – friendly, casual, and flexible, yet professional. Contacts with Jobs Plus often begin with more introductions; they find out what you need, then introduce you to the right people and paths to get you there.



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