CDA EDC recruits businesses to Northern Idaho

Gynii Gilliam at Coldwell Banker Commercial Forum 2016

Reflecting back on the commercial market in Kootenai County for 2015 and looking ahead to what 2016 will bring us. Plus a great view from Jobs Plus on attracting talent to the area and creating more jobs!!

Relocate to Idaho Interview with Gynii Gilliam

Listen to Gynii Gilliam, President of Jobs Plus Idaho explain why a relocation of your business to Idaho is the best choice.

Relocate To Idaho Promo

Jobs Plus, Inc. is a non-profit economic development corporation formed in 1987 with a mission "to expand and diversify the economic and employment base of Kootenai County, while maintaining the quality of life that has become synonymous with Kootenai County".

Our strategy is "To recruit companies to our area that sell on a national basis, are not location dependent, offer strong wages and benefits to their employees, and are respectful of our environmental concerns."

Coeur d'Alene Area Economic Development Corporation

Relocate To Idaho: Healthy for Business, Great for Life

North Idaho isn’t just a place where businesses and communities can grow. In the Panhandle, there is opportunity everywhere. The quality of life isn’t just good, everyday there are new advantages to discover and new things to appreciate. Living in North Idaho means more than just the chance to advance your company, it means an opportunity to live better and enjoy a truly stunning part of the world.

Coeur d’Alene Area Economic Development Corporation

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