State Incentives

State Incentives

Idaho’s governor and legislature are decidedly pro-business, with a consistent record of tax and business incentives, a healthy state rainy day fund to avoid raising taxes (unlike other states during recessionary times), and no “hidden” taxes in addition to income tax which make corporate tax burdens heavier than at first they mayappear.
One “plus” which few other states have in this national and global economy is a balanced budget. That’s right; Idaho is debt-free. It’s state law.

State incentives include:

Reimbursement up to $3,000 for costs of training a new employee or retaining one facing permanent layoff.

State skills training programs tailored to corporate needs

On-site consultations from state workforce experts

Tax credits for investments, new job creation, real property improvement, and research; exemptions; and tax caps for large businesses

“The state agencies have been very business-friendly. We looked at a lot of places – New Hampshire, Colorado, and we had been located in California. Idaho is by far the best choice. It’s been the reason we’ve been very successful,” said Dr. Lorna Finman, Stanford physicist and owner of LCF Enterprises in Post Falls.